Vice President Wang, Yu

Vice President Wang, YuProfessor Yu Wang was appointed by President Wong as a Vice President of Academia Sinica on March 1, 2014. She received her BS degree from National Taiwan University (NTU) and PhD degree from University of Illinois. After working as a post doctor at SUNY, Buffalo and assistant researcher at National Research Council of Canada, she became an associate professor at Chemistry department, NTU in 1979, a professor in 1981; a distinguished professor in 2006 and a Chair professor in 2008. Currently, she is also a distinguished research chair professor at NTU.

Her research interests are in inorganic chemistry and chemical crystallography. Her main contributions are in charge density studies using high precision single crystal x-ray diffraction data and adequate theoretical MO calculations; targeted on the 3d transition metal complexes. She is also work on the spin transition phenomena using synchrotron radiation, especially on the photo-induced excited spin states. She is the author and co-author of more than 300 publications.

In addition, she has engaged in several academic administrative services: she was the Director General of the Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences in National Science Council (NSC) in 1998-2001; Dean of College of Science of NTU in 2002-2005. Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Chinese Chemical Society 2006-2014. She was the President of Asian Crystallographic Association in 2002-2004; Chair of the Commission in Charge, Spin and Momentum Density (CSMD) of International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) in 2005-2008.

Prof. Wang has won many awards: outstanding research awards from NSC; Sun-Yat-Sen Academic Award; Academic Award and National Chair professorship from Ministry of Education; Outstanding Scholar Awards; Academic and Service awards from Chinese Chemical Society; Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science. She was elected as an academician of Academia Sinica in 2010.

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